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Free Shipping on all orders over £30

Tuna in Brine

Rio Mare Tuna in Brine is a light and tasty tuna which allows you - without giving up on delicious flavours - to follow a healthy diet.
It also saves you from having to spend too much time in the kitchen.
Very simply, it has that unmistakable stamp of RIO MARE excellence: tuna of the finest Yellowfin quality, steamed and seasoned with natural condiments.
Using the finest Yellowfin tuna (steamed in order to eliminate most of the fatty substances, and to seal the nutritional value of the proteins), RIO MARE makes a final selection of the best pieces.
Then only water (seasoned with sea-salt and other natural flavourings) is added.
The result is a highly-nutritional product, rich in substantial proteins, virtually fat-free and it is therefore easily digested.
You can eat RIO MARE Tuna in Brine just as it comes from the tin; or with a squeeze of lemon juice and a drop or two of olive oil; or yet again, as the best chefs suggest for steamed fish, with a covering of mayonnaise.
It will also give a delicate flavour to rice salads, pasta or vegetables and is a delicious ingredient in sauces.