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Free Shipping on all orders over £30

Mild Paprika - 75g


Pure Spanish tradition! This is El Avion Pimenton, which can be found in any Spanish cuisine and gives many dishes a personal touch. The peculiarity of El Avion is the traditionally slightly smoky flavor component, which is produced by a special smoking process: after grinding the dried red peppers, the powder is easily smoked. Incidentally, the oaks are used for smoking, and the Iberian pig feeds on the acorns. Pure Spanish tradition. El Avion only processes ripe and healthy peppers, which is why no coloring agents have to be added, which is a natural product. In the kitchen, the powder is used to impart color and flavor to dishes. It matches the classic paella, but also for seasoning meat, fish, cheese and stews.



Sweet Papricapowder.