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Free Shipping on all orders over £30

F/F Chocolate Stars


Maize and rice star shaped chocolate cereal.


Astronomically tasty breakfast cereal made with rice and maize

Source of fibre

Free from gluten & milk

Suitable for vegans

Kosher - KLBD Parve

A chocolate star system, on the edge of the universe... we must be on another planet?
Did you know that the Milky Way is the galaxy that contains our solar system and is made of as many as 400 billion stars and possibly as many planets too? No one knows if there are beings on these planets or if they would like chocolate. Why not make your own Milky Way every morning by adding Chocolate Stars to your bowl of favourite milk for a breakfast that's out of this world? You could add nuts or fruit as planets. Then listen very closely, hear the silence of space and imagine - is there anyone else, somewhere out there, who'd like to share breakfast with you? Do they have blue or maybe green fingers - and how many?

My gluten free journey began in 1978 when I discovered how difficult it was to find suitable grains and foods for a gluten free diet. The distinctive attributes of alternative grains and their ability to create spectacular dishes is still my inspiration. With a FREEE breakfast cereal in my cupboard, I'm ready for the day ahead. It's great starting my morning with a tasty organic breakfast that's a great source of fibre.
Founder. FREEE

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EU Organic - GB-ORG-05, EU/non-EU Agriculture
Crossed Grain Symbol - CUK-M-144, CUK-G-017

Packaging material: HDPE bag, card box.


Crossed Grain Symbol

EU Organic

Soil Association Organic (GB Organic Certification 5)

Vegan Society