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Free Shipping on all orders over £30

Anchovies Olive Oil

by Trata

These anchovies are carefully selected from fresh catch, meticulously cleaned for quality assurance, cooked and canned. They are cooked lightly in order to retain their crispy and tender flesh, which is full of natural nutrients, and Greek olive oil is added last for added touch to the final flavor. Trata anchovies are mainly fished in the waters of Northern Aegean; the unique conditions and the biodiversity in their natural habitat and diet, are the reasons behind their superior quality, and their light, tender and flavorful flesh without scales.

Anchovies are fish with distinctive nutritional characteristics as they are considered natural source of Omega-3 & calcium. Omega-3 Fatty acids comprise the dominant category of anchovy's fat and it is proven that they contribute to maintain a healthy heart, brain and vision, while calcium contributes to the health of muscles, bones and teeth. The beneficial effects of Omega-3 and calcium are obtained with daily intakes which are met with the consumption of the Trata 100g can.


Cans "TRATA" are a product of the Greek Industries KONVA SA