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Free Shipping on all orders over £30

Orange Jelly Crystals

by Shan

Shan Foods was a small company established in 1981. Soon it gained popularity and now we have a presence in 65 countries across 5 continents.  All our products are carefully packaged under the most hygienic conditions according to international quality standard.  All products of Shan Foods are ISO 9001:2015. Shan Foods is committed to making your life easier in the kitchen and at the same time delighting your taste buds. We are the pioneer of ready to make masala packets. We are continuously working hard to ensure you can serve authentic Pakistani/Indian food to your loved ones. Each recipe is tailored to ensure a delicious taste through our special herbs seasoning and spices. Shan’s Traditional Desserts range offers convenience by allowing our consumers to make delicious desserts in the comfort of their homes. Available in distinct variants, Shan’s Traditional Desserts offer something for every occasion.

Shan Orange Jelly is the quick easy to make dessert you need to fulfill the sweet craving.