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Free Shipping on all orders over £30

Mint Grey Tea

by Sultan
  • ☕ WHAT DOES IT TASTE LIKE? The perfect blend of classic British flavour with a Moroccan finish, Mint Grey is lightly perfumed with notes of citrus, lemon and bergamot and finished with the freshness of the mint which all contrast, yet complement beautifully with the malty flavours of the classic black tea leaves. Blending citrus and sweet with the smoothness of the tea is what forms this delicious, refreshing and unmissable Moroccan blend.
  • ☕ HOW DO I DRINK IT? Our Mint Grey is a bright, balanced and intense fusion of flavour. Best served black and fairly strong, always use fresh and filtered water, boiled to at least 90 degress to ensure the full flavour of the tea can infuse into the water. Drink simply black or add a slice of lemon to catch the notes of the bergamot aromas or if you prefer, add just a splash of milk. The perfect partner for a sweet afternoon treat.
  • ☕ WHERE DOES IT COME FROM? The flavours of our Mint Grey are infused with our Moroccan heritage with every sip. Through the malty black tea leaves, the strong and intense Moroccan mint is what creates this unique blend of tones, offering a distinctly Moroccan take on the classic Earl Grey recipe.
  • ☕ MORE ABOUT THE INGREDIENTS: The flavours of our unique blend that form our Mint Grey Tea is a labour of love, worked on by our Sultan Tea experts over decades. While Mint Grey is the perfect reviving refreshment throughout the day, the Bergamot specifically helps to reduce stress and even boost the immune system, giving you the energy to take on the rest of the day.