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Mackerel Fillets Olive Oil

by Flokos

Flokos, Greek Mackerel Fillets in Olive Oil (Pack of 3 easy open tin cans of 160g each):

FLOKOS mackerel fillet comes from the open seas of Northern Atlantic, bringing the freshness and flavor of a highly nutritious fish to your table. FLOKOS products use only select mackerel fillets, distinguished by their light and tender flesh.

Our long tradition in seafood production and our constant strive to satisfy your taste preferences have led us to create a range of four different FLOKOS mackerel fillet flavors. Connoisseurs suggest you complement mackerel with tomato and vegetables. We have combined FLOKOS mackerel fillets with traditional Greek recipes, letting you choose between: FLOKOS mackerel fillet in tomato sauce / FLOKOS mackerel fillet piquant / FLOKOS smoked mackerel fillet / FLOKOS mackerel fillet in olive oil 160g Using a traditional woo-fired oven, which adds a unique flavor to the fillet, making it an ideal meze for fine taste enthusiasts. For the production of all products, there is no use of preservatives or colorings. The range of FLOKOS mackerel fillets is ideal as an appetizer or main dish.

Mackerel is one of the richest fish in: Omega-3 fatty acids (which help maintain a healthy heart function) Vitamin D (phosphorus and potassium) Vitamin B12 (which helps create red blood cells and maintain a healthy nervous system).